1) Storyteller: For years I’ve told stories at schools and events. Whether in English or in German, my repertoire is drawn from traditional and fairy tales, fables, myths, and legends. People of all ages love listening to stories. Whether for a day at school or other special occasion, listening to stories is a magical way of connecting and suspending time.

2) Training: I offer in-house workshops for professionals in all aspects of education as well as for anyone who feels that they can profit from storytelling in their work or private life. I’ve worked with teachers across all grade-levels, teacher-trainees, social workers, as well as therapists, development workers, managers, among others. To begin we work on developing the participants’ storytelling abilities. Furthermore, we then concentrate on how the participants themselves can teach others (students, clients, patients, etc) to tell stories also. How these skills get translated into writing is an important process that would benefit from a prolonged working together.

3) Project Week:

Let’s organize a project week at your school or educational institution. One of my greatest joys is getting to work directly in the classroom enabling pupils to become storytellers. Whether for a couple of days or entire week, our project could begin by visiting several to all of the classes. Children would first hear a story told to them. Then we would move on to teaching your pupils not only how to internalize a story through various activities but also finally create their own versions.

4) Storytelling Curriculum:

Perhaps your school is interested in the benefits of cross-curricular project-based learning. Stories serve as an excellent framework. We could work together over a longer period of time developing a story-based curriculum for your school. Whatever subject it is you are teaching, language is a key essential to transmitting this information. Learning through playing with stories is not only an effective and enjoyable way of mastering language but as well a beautiful and accessible way of transferring knowledge.

Teachers and children spend so much time in school. We could make that time marvellous.